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Cocoon Health & Fitness
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“good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings”

Cocoon has many classes being offered to help shed any of those extra summer pounds. 6 days a week there are workouts available and just in case the classes don’t fit your busy schedule let us help you design the ultimate time saving and fat busting workout. This is your year to put your health first with a smile on your face. Sure there are a lot other things to do than exercise but lets face it you need strength and energy to do all those other activities, yes its true....Studies prove that being active at least three days a week will energize your body, help you sleep better, and YES....add precious years to your life. Don’t procrastinate, call a friend and get your buns in here!!!!!!

A positive outlook and healthy body go hand in hand. You will be in the best shape of your life. VISUALIZE your goal clearly and BELIEVE that it is within reach. At the Cocoon we are dedicated to helping you do both. It is our goal to greet you with a smile, encourage you each step of the way, and praise you when your dreams come true. Together we can and WE WILL!!!

Diet Center
This is no fad diet plan.... Proven results with this healthy lifestyle nutrition plan offering supplements, menu plans, and constant support from a nutrition and diet counselor... Be prepared to watch those pounds and inches just disappear AND STAY OFF!!

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